Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Encounter in the Dress Aisle

If I were a girl, he said to me, what size do you think I'd be?

That's how our conversation started, when I met a young man in the ladies dress section at our local Value Village. He said that he was doing a skit for his friends' wedding and was going to do a flirting dance. He needed the proper dress.

I don't often make it to Value Village, work and other interests keep me from this wonderland of books and creative supplies, bits of fabric, vintage clothing, bags of buttons and jewelry waiting to be re-purposed.

I gave the young man my best estimate of what size dress he should be wearing and continued looking in the racks in my size. Ooh, the yellow Sandwich dress looked delicious...but was it the colour for me, was I too old, would I look like a Popsicle? Hesitation.

I glanced down the aisle, he moved dresses cautiously and appeared to be analyzing how they would look on his masculine body. Move over, I though to myself, Personal Shopper to the rescue. I told him that I'd come back to help as he really must look divine for his friends' wedding!

We moved each hanger and weighed the downfalls. Too much pattern, too skinny straps, a little too see-through, he rhymed off. Then finally, we saw IT. A blue knit, just clingy enough, with a deep V held together with a gaudy silver chain (which will show off just enough chest hair, he laughed) AND a draw-string waistline so he could eat well too.

His name is Jesse, and his friends who will be married in two weeks should be grateful to have him in their lives.

He has set aside his ego to have fun to honour the important people in his life, something we all should do more regularly. He has gone to the edge of his comfort zone, to ask a total stranger "what size dress should I wear?" and he has done it all with a smile on his face.

As I walked away, I saw the perfect purse for Jesse's dress. It was shaped like a bustier, with frills, lace and hearts.

But somehow it just didn't seem right to bring it to him as he waited in line to pay for his dress.

I'll be thinking of you Jesse two weeks from now and wondering how you accessorized. And in case you're asking, I did buy the yellow dress, thanks to Jesse and the courage he gave me.

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*the purse I saw was something like this one -  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/225180050089252329/.



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  2. Thank you for your kind words, I am pleased to know that my thoughts "reached" you. Please come by again and feel free to share with those you care about.