Monday, March 30, 2020

Share the Love

I bundled up this morning, hat, coat, hood, and mittens. A chance to get outside in the brisk air before the walking paths were too busy. The light mist and westerly wind kept even the winter-hardy dog walkers at home.

We are usually stuck in the struggle of everyday tasks, keeping up on what's happening on screen, following, liking, putting items to go back to in folders marked in red and on and on and on.

In these last few weeks however, we have been told to slow down our lives and our minds. We have been reminded that we have little control these days except in our own actions. Spending time alone is easier for some of us, we like distance to think. We lean towards the quiet and yet I have to wonder if on any other day, I might have missed this!

Share the Love

In the middle of the sidewalk, no branches to drop their moisture, I noticed this heart. I probably need not tell you how it put a smile on my face. An unexpected delight, perfectly formed where I could not miss it. Should not miss it.

I dare say that these reminders are for us to share the love that persists all around us. Although our patience may lag, our humour may stall, our sarcasm may escalate, our goals may slide, we are all capable of noticing.

When we see the goodness in others, let's recognize it.
When we witness the kindness in strangers, let's applaud it.
When we experience the magic, in whatever form it takes, let's share the love.

If we each notice, and then take the time to share, we will surely make each other smile. Because the magic I saw on the path this morning is everywhere. It just looks different to each of us.

Now, please notice the magic around you! Then Share the Love. (Tweet This)

We are tied to eachother like never before in spite of our distance. (Tweet This)

Be well,

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