Sunday, February 28, 2010

Light your Way

Today I had a conversation with a young colleague regarding the Power of Women. She alluded to some choices she had made as a teenager that impacted her life. I spoke to her on the importance of surrounding yourself with strong women who can support and guide you. They are always there, we are sometimes just not ready to hear them.

I realized that through the most difficult time of my life (long unhappy marriage = long-overdue divorce), I yearned for such a person. They were there when I was ready. My 40's were fraught with awareness that pained, bridges that collapsed and lessons that brought me to the truth: That power and strength are gained through life experiences that we would not choose. That the enlightenment that we reach (if we are fortunate enough to appreciate it when it comes) can move us to higher levels of understanding ourselves, and that to go higher we have to be brought to our knees.

Be brave young friend, always look with joy at the bending paths ahead and listen for the voice that speaks to you. There are sign posts along the way if you allow yourself to pause.

What experiences have you had that slammed one door but gave you a peephole to where you are today?

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