Sunday, January 10, 2010

Listen to the Simple Things

I just found out that my cousin will be coming from out of province to visit me this summer. I haven't seen Sonia, who happens to be one of my most favourite people in over two years. So right away, I started a list. Where will I take her, what will we do? After I had jotted down several things I realized something...everything was simple.

The list included my favourite walk around the reservoir; the local tiny, cramped bookstore within walking distance from my front door; a great hike right in the city; a place with the best view and the best coffee. Things that touch my heart and hopefully will touch hers too. Day to day things that put a smile on our faces, regardless of whatever else is going on. How fortunate are we to have these things and how often do we miss them?

I will share these simple things with someone who is so special to me. It will be my gift to her.

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