Thursday, April 29, 2010

Specialty Coffee

It is Apr 28th and here in our city we have already experienced beautiful, warm weather. Today however, our forecast calls for continuous rain turning into snow, with the possibility of 10-25 cm of the white stuff. Yes, imagine how green it will be when it all melts!

At a corner off Macleod, while stopped at the light I saw a lovely young tall blonde woman. She had not heard the forecast. Her hair was being whipped by the increasing rain, her little leopard-print very fashionable jacket looked like it was getting soaked through, the high heels slowed down her progress on a very short crossing light. The cream coloured shoulder bag and laptop carrying case kept her grounded in the blowing wind.

A few minutes later turning onto Elbow, I saw a tall good-looking young man. Attired in a suit and blue shirt, anchored by his size but still getting wet. Waiting patiently for the bus. (He too, had not tuned in to Breakfast Television this morning.)

“I know the perfect girl for you” I think to myself… perhaps they will meet at a coffee-shop today.

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