Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Today I am Brave Enough

Several months ago, I wrote the piece below. It is accurate. It has taken months for me to be able to open my heart and share this. I write today to give thanks to all those who surrounded my daughter and myself, who comforted and held us up in thought and prayer and whispered in our ears when we needed it most.

We celebrated an early Christmas present this year, my child is 6 months cancer-free. I thank all of you who stood beside us through this journey, and did not retreat because of your own fears.

April 19th
Today I became the Mom of a child with cancer
Today my child faced her mortality
with the few words spoken by a family doctor
Today my child cried in fear
Today I cannot cry
I wrap myself in a shawl of solitude
I speak quietly, I pray for courage
I am in slow motion, in drowning waters
I plan, then I pray some more.

Today I will remember forever
Then Day 1 will be done
and Tomorrow will be different.

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