Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the Power of "No"

Say No to hitting the snooze button
Say No to poor customer service
Say No to the 2nd half of the chocolate chip cookie
that's sitting in the staff room and calling your name.
say No to spending time with someone
who aggravates you
Say No to "just one more game".
Say No (sometimes) to one more K. of running
and (sometimes) to one more coffee.
Say No to the Booker Prize book
that you've read for 136 pages
Life's too short for "boring".
Say No when you feel disrespected
and say No (sometimes) to one more chapter
of something you like at 11:20.
Say No to being wasteful (of time, worries, and plastic).
Say NO and be comfortable with the word.
No explanation, no justification.

"No" is a sentence.

1 comment:

  1. How many K are you running that you can say NO? I don't even have one - yet - working on it though.