Sunday, November 20, 2011

Go Slow

Driving south on HWY 93 a week ago for a quick weekend getaway, I was lulled to the tranquility of off-season travelling. The experience is quite different from the congested roads when the sun is high, and the children (and their parents) are free.

The wildlife strolled in slow motion across our paths and stared you down with a look of endless patience. “I can outlast you” they said, you are only here for a weekend.

Slowing down is not something that many of us do easily. Unfortunately, we are forever racing to catch up and then to squeeze in as much as possible over a weekend. We jump up during commercials to do the laundry, jot something on a list or look up info on our Playbooks. Our minds are busy places.

The weekend away allowed me to turn it all off. I sipped wine, had a bubble bath and read my book. The Red Tent, Anita Diamant continues to hold my interest, I am fascinated by the story and plan some quiet minutes at the end of the day with it. My gift to myself. Look for my thoughts on this book shortly.

In conversation with two old friends, I discovered that they had both read The Red Tent some time ago and had moved on to many literary works since then. Apparently, I have not squeezed in the right things and have a lot yet to learn.

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