Thursday, November 17, 2011

Throw Something Out!

I was recently listening to Gail Banke's Throw Out Fifty Things: Clear the Clutter, Find Your Life on my iPod. She spoke of the oh-so obvious - the single sock that we hang on to in hopes of its missing mate suddenly reappearing, the half used hair product that didn't meet its promise, or the sweatshirt from our high school days.

It brought to mind the many ventures we start and abandon or outgrow with the passage of time. The cans of paint that could not and should not be transported to a new condo, the scraps of fabric from our quilting days when we move to a warmer, sunnier climate need to be left behind with respect. Banke suggested going from room to room and discarding the old, the used the I'll-never-use-again items and before you know it, you will add up to 50 things. Donate, recycle and plain trash it - it will feel good and make space for the NEW to enter your life. This philosophy is well voiced in The Secret and in the long ago words of Lao Tzu.

And then it got more interesting. Banke also spoke of renovating old beliefs, discarding old thought patterns and digging into our subconscious. Renovate you mind, what a concept. Throw out some patterns and just TRY something new.I've gone to the dark side and re-emerged as a lover of coffee. I have always been a tea-drinker (warm the pot, let it steep, it's a solemn ritual). I can now slowly sip and appreciate a good cup of coffee. I can even drink it black!

I highly recommend Gail Banke's audio-book. It is a quick listen, easily finished on a few walks and rides on the LRT. What are you ready to relinquish to make room in your room and in your mind? You might discover a new YOU.

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