Monday, November 28, 2011


Twice in the last week in 2 very different sources, I have read about crustaceans (lobster/crab – take your pick!) escaping from the boiling pot.

From a business standpoint, the reference was to leadership. It mentioned how there is always someone brave enough to “rock the pot”, to escape the status quo and bring his brothers along with him. The article spoke of the remaining crustaceans, giving him a boost (with their own specific skills) which allowed the leader to lead them, and hence make changes that cause a shift in their working environment.

The second reference came from a female entertainer. Here again she spoke of the crustacean in the boiling pot. I was prepared to hear a similar story but her response came as a surprise. She spoke of how the women in her past had not offered the helping hand, how for the most part if someone escaped the heat, that they sat on the lid to prevent you from freeing yourself as well. How sad.

One pot, two experiences and here’s the question. Human being or crustacean, are you the one lending a helping hand, assisting your peers to be the best they can be or are you the one sitting on the lid?

Having just finished Anita Diamant’s The Red Tent, I could recap for you the story of Dinah’s voice in the Book of Genesis. However, the fellowship of women, the words used to describe their joy and their suffering, their absolute commonality to every woman who has walked this earth should be discovered on your own sofa with the beverage of your choice. Sisterhood must continue because stories are essential to make sense of life.

“Even those without family live in such close quarters to their neighbours that the cries of a labouring mother bring out other women like geese responding to the call of a leader in flight.”

Yesterday or today, assist your leader until you are one.

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