Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Blessings to All and to All a Goodnight

In the next few days there will be a lot happening at your local church. For those who attend regularly, the familiar will call you back. The darkness, the smell of candles, greens and flowers and the music always speak. There will also be infrequent visitors, those who will be there to honour someone who has recently left their life (“Mum would have loved this”) or because of someone who has entered it. We will step into something new and make it our own because of love. We will marvel at how our lives have melded and meshed in seamless unison.

We will pull out our traditions like tangled garland and lights and enjoy them because they are ours. We will smile in realizing the good things and weep at our memories of last Christmas, of what has sadly changed, and for what hasn’t, sadly.

We will immerse ourselves in the way “we have always done things” and relax into its comfortable arms, like a heartfelt hug that we have been waiting for all day. We will pull out old dishes and cook meals that we grew up with and once again exclaim at how wonderful they are or how we have improved them!

When the 25th is at our doorstep, you might worship within four enclosed walls or choose to worship in wide open spaces but we ALL have huge wishes and tantalizing dreams even though we may hide them daily in quite efficient ways.

This Christmas, set your wishes free and let the Season be a magical time for you, never forgetting with gratitude the amazing things that have transpired during this year.

Whoever you are and wherever you are – may you be blessed by the God you know, may you feel the calm and abundance that your heart craves, may you be surrounded by those you love and those that say they "love you more”.

I wish for you a heart that is open to all the joy and wonder of this Christmas Season.

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