Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blown in Glass - 4

She carried the weight of her sadness around with her every moment.

The pain of her loss, disguised her true self and could only be understood by a mother who had also lost a child. On the rare occasion that she smiled or laughed, it was startling to those around her. They feared the demonstration of emotion could cause her to implode. That eventually, she would shatter. 

Traversing the present must surely be a chore for her. Because why would someone in such pain choose to be present? The past although fraught with memories of happiness also brought the pain of the loss; the future, a blank, empty, endless slate of darkness and the unknown.

Blown in Glass, Seattle WA

Where did she stand each morning, how did she place her feet to keep her balance, in which place could she stand comfortably? Or did she only appear to be standing but every moment her soul was searching for a place to lay her weary mind, in the cavern of the safety of the day…before it all happened. 

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