Saturday, December 10, 2011

From Far and Wide

When the unexpected runs amok how do you react?

It could be a mouse in the house, no hot water while you're standing naked in the shower, or the sudden realization that you've overslept by one hour, what sets you off?

Do you know a whirling dervish? Someone who stirs up your emotions, the air and destroys the feeling of tranquility and calm? do they invoke your less-nice side, bring up old family behaviour and generally just peeve you right off? Does their emergency become your problem; their bad planning become your emergency?

Do you wake up each day and see a light shining at you from the end of the tunnel, or is there a fire crew and live telecast at your every corner? Today, do your best to keep some distance from those who rankle. some things can't be escaped, but some people can surely be avoided.

Whether you are Dan sitting high atop a mountain doing yoga at sunrise or Gareth, gazing at the setting sun on your Napa Vineyards, discord hits us all.

I suggest that on this sunny Saturday, we all take a deep breath, drink some CALM tea, or take a run around the block. Together, let's each do whatever soothes our souls so that when the unexpected comes knocking at your door, you can welcome it in and know that it too, will exit.

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