Sunday, January 22, 2012

Get Back on Board - Damn It!

Every day we get to tell the world who we are inside. By our actions and our non-actions we paint our picture inside a frame. This past week we were witness to a cruise ship catastrophe of mega proportions. Each person on board did not have the opportunity to reveal selectively who they truly were. They just reacted based on the history they carried. The good, the bad and the criticized.

My feelings and opinions of the captain's behaviour would only add to the quagmire created in its wake. (Sorry, I couldn't resist the pun.) The reactions since then in staff rooms, Saturday night parties and idle conversations at Chapters are diverse and range from the table thumping "I would never do that" to the giggling "I think I could swim 150 metres". 

But what would you and I do? How often have we abandoned ship in a far less dire situation? Sink or swim, flotation device or not, how often have each of us dived into the dark and murky just to escape. How close to the edge will we ride our ship based on ego, bravado or just plain cunning?

Adrenalin aside, only those who have taken the leap to actually rescue someone should speak at this time.

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