Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fear of the Dark

Do you remember the first time you were afraid? Of screwing up your face, pinching your nose and jumping feet first into the cold water? Of stepping foot to foot impatiently as each person was called and fearing that you would be the last one chosen for the team?

In how many ways are we fearful? And we are fearful of something, if we are honest, regardless of our size or stature or number of degrees after our name.

We are fearful of being late for curfew or not getting accepted at the college of our choice.

We are fearful of not living up to expectations, or not living down our past.

We are fearful of never getting out of a relationship, or not finding the right one.

Regardless of our adult size, we are all "little" inside...sometimes. We might be facing our first headstand, our first half-marathon, or a really important job interview.

And yes, let's admit it "We are afraid!". But let's also use that fear towards our first courageous step in a new direction.

Before I take my first dip into the deep end (after an absence of several years), I will do something to be better prepared, to change my perspective.

Today, I will go buy a new pair of swim goggles.

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