Saturday, March 3, 2012

Be afraid, be really afraid

It is hard to be zen-like through our day.

We are in a culture that has been enlightened about the harm caused to our environment by plastic bags. The other day, I carried my own fabric bag to a retail store and made some purchases. Then I stood there, waiting. The young female behind the cash, stood there waiting too.

I asked her in a calm manner, "When a customer brings their own bag, do they no longer get their purchases packed?" She stared back. "Just a question", I said. (Of course at the back of my mind I'm thinking to myself, haven't I just saved this store the cost of their bag. Should I not expect some service?) "Just a question" I repeated, waiting to see if perhaps her response would indicate that it was store policy not to touch a customer's personal property.

But her words flabbergasted me, "You could have asked" she said. WHAT? Since when do I have to request customer service? I am annoyed that service has deteriorated to this point. It seems that the customer is NOT always right.

Don't go to a store with your own bag and expect to be served, you too might be disappointed. I am beginning to understand why people joyously shop on their computers at midnight.

When I shared this unhappy interaction with a colleague, she told me of one of her latest experience. She asked an employee at a local grocery store where she could find a certain product. His answer was "I don't know, I only work here." No, he was not trying to be amusing.

Sometimes, I don't think even Rumi could help me.

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