Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Content, Control and Content

How content are you? If you Googled, there are probably thousands of surveys that you could access to rate yourself. But do we really need a test? Don’t we all just know if we are in a good place? 

In my eyes, happiness is equated with contentment, I have seen ample proof of this in my life. We each know the person who appears to have nothing in terms of material possessions but has an abundance of wisdom to share. Then there's the person I see each morning, sitting in his wheelchair handing out the free local paper with a smile for everyone. These people are not held captive by fame, or the size of their bank accounts, they run on the fuel called choice.

They are content. What they already have makes them happy. They will always (for the most part!) be happy, because they do not derive their happiness from outside themselves. They are not attached to the weather, the economy, the traffic or the price of gas. They are content with their own content, and know that they will often have no control of circumstances.

These people can ride the waves of ambiguity, downturn, and falling stock prices because they already have the skills to survive. To rise to the top, your content has to be resilient. You have failed often enough and survived to know that you have a life jacket. That jacket is not visible on the outside, nor is it orange. It is what keeps you afloat when the winds of change are howling around you. It is what’s inside.

Are you content with your content?

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