Friday, June 8, 2012


Many of my friends in spite of being happy for me when I met the most wonderful man, were disappointed that my on-line dating stories had come to an end. When you’re in the “mature” category, it is a true gift to meet such an incredible match.

My friend J. still shakes her head at the “drooling man” I met, who had presented himself with a 10 year old photo. And H. couldn’t believe when I shared the story of meeting someone who actually lived at the drop-in shelter (but by golly, he could spell, use proper grammar and punctuate). OK, they weren’t all bad, although some were exceptionally odd. I did meet some lovely men, but I wasn’t ready, they weren’t ready and for the best reason of all we were not a match. The best reason, I speak of is patience.

Then one day, (it was actually right after the “highly medicated drooling man”) I took myself to a local shopping mall and then drove and drove in circles, looking for a spot to park. Then I had a talk with God/the Universe. “OK” I said, “what’s going on? Where the heck is he? Am I supposed to be alone? What am I doing wrong?”

Then right in front of me, a car pulled in and like a lightening bolt from the Universe (because sometimes we need the obvious!) I saw the car’s license plate. It said “Timing”.

I waited and got ready and had patience while my super, fantastic man waited and got ready. 

Now, I give thanks each day as I savour, relish and bask in our lives together. I can now see the humour in my Saturday morning coffee-dates.  I realize that I was being prepared by the men who allowed me to pay for my own coffee, asked way too many personal questions, who showed up at the wrong location, who whined about their exes and those who were still in love with their exes. I was being given the opportunity to appreciate what I was worth and to wait for someone who was worth waiting for.

For all of you out there waiting, be with the breath and allow. I can’t promise you anything except that the day will come when you too will give thanks.

(And because I know you’re asking, no! my wonderful man does not have a brother.)

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