Saturday, June 16, 2012

Waves of Energy

                                                                on the way to Waterton

The ENERGY I have always felt when meeting someone is something that I have grown to trust and rely on. We call it our spidey senses, our intuition, our gut, but how often do we relinquish our egos long enough and just “go” with it.

After decades of second-guessing myself, I aim each day to operate on what “I just know” no logical reason, just KNOW. I have met many people recently who are choosing to operate each day from that level. If you start being aware, they are easy to spot!

For those who have toiled at the ability to hide who they truly are, you might think that you are fooling us, but you’re probably not. We too can play some games, and just like you ALLOW us, sometimes we just ALLOW you to pretend also.

I am interested in hearing your stories, about when and how your inner voice spoke to you and what you did about it.

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