Friday, July 20, 2012

My circle of women

It is not about lipstick, high heels and lace
It is about toiling together under a half yard of top soil before darkness sets.
It is about baking 4 dozen muffins before your kitchen gets too hot.
It’s about recognizing when your friend needs a break with drinks and appies at the neighbouring pub
And when to sit still and look at the river.
It’s about handing your friend a disposable camera, while she sets out on her first cross country trip after the death of her husband.
And encouraging your friend of thirty plus years to walk down the hospital hallway that seems a hundred miles long.
It’s about emptying your parent’s house, wiping your tears, and eating grilled cheese cooked on the only frying pan left in the house.
Then putting the names of the children on the remaining items, because Grandma would want them to have it.
It’s about sharing the small things, new seedlings poking through the dirt, and the new guests in the birdhouse hanging on your porch.
It’s about celebrating getting the long-awaited retro cheque just in time for your vacation.

It’s about leaning on each other and cheering each other to the finish line. Whatever that line might be. So when the last breath happens, we can smile together for a journey well enjoyed in the company of your favourite people.

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