Sunday, December 30, 2012

10 most popular posts in 2012

Some of my lessons this year arrived in a flash and some crept up on me. All however spoke to me on our humanity, our limited time and the joyfulness of understanding that we are all connected. In writing these words, I was changed, another small piece of the puzzle came together.

My lens on life in the 10 most popular posts of the year:

1. Angel Flight

I've already had my emotional moment this morning, when Canada won its first Gold at the Olympics in Gymnastics.  read more

2. My  Circle of Women

It is not about lipstick, high heels and lace
It is about toiling together under a half yard of top soil before darkness sets.
It is about baking 4 dozen muffins before your kitchen gets too hot. read more

3. A New Week Begins

The start of a new week. Welcome whomever crosses your path for we don't always recognize the reason they are there. read more

4. Not Just a Race - Bloomsday in Spokane

                                                   Bloomsday Run  Spokane, Washington

It has already been one month since the Bloomsday Run (Spokane, Washington, May 6th), it remains an inspiring event even for a spectator with a camera. First of all, there were a staggering number of
participants, 50,000 give or take! read more

5. Be Still my Mind

There's a man in my Friday night yoga class who reminds me of my old friend Dan.

I don't know his name and I don't need to. He looks sort of like Dan, speaks in a careful, unassuming way and then when you are least expecting it, will let a wickedly hilarious remark just slide in. read more

6. Disappoint - they will survive 

Making time for yourself in this bustling, noisy world we live in can be challenging. How do we find and commit to "me" time?  Let's face it, we are on/in demand to every family member and 4-legged beast that lives under our roof. We are connected by blood, love, and wireless-ly, there is scarcely a moment of solitude. read more 

7. Spanning the Divide

Bridge in Portland, Ore.

Sometimes you can work alongside and know nothing more than a person’s title. Or by perchance, in a brief few minutes, you can be invited into a window of someone’s CORE.

In conversation with someone new who works in my building, I heard and learned a fascinating story.
read more
8. Courtesy on the C-train

Getting on the train downtown, my attention was drawn to a well dressed young man. "He's at peace", I thought, as we both boarded the south-bound train. He carried a small Harry Rosen bag, big enough for a tie and a pair of socks, maybe. read more

9. Thank you for not dying on my birthday, Dad

Thank you for not dying on birthday
There are other ones that I remember well
When we got along
Spent time together
When you taught me to ride my bike
Took me swimming and camping with the Scouts. read more

10. Balls of different sizes

We have all read on our email or heard of the story of the professor who was teaching his class on the importance of balancing the various parts of our lives.

He proceeded to fill an empty vessel of different sized balls. Each ball standing for something of importance in your life, our vessel equals our life. He spoke of which balls and in which order we fill our vessel will help keep our life fulfilled. Simply put, too much time at the bar on the way home to meet with small balls (relative strangers) will take away from the time with (supposedly) big balls - your family. read more

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