Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Story - repeated

If you didn't have a chance to see this Story unfold, here are the posts all in one spot.

The characters in our lives are our companions on a journey that we are in together.
We act together in unison without having conscious knowledge.

The Ripple of our Life - Grassi Lakes, Canmore
Our stories have no beginning and no end. It’s mysterious, and downright spooky sometimes how people come into and then leave your life. Sometimes they travel great distances with you, and sometimes you are connected and don’t even know it. The joy of connection cannot be forced, it is magical, it is unexpected, it is to be celebrated.

That is how the curly haired girl, Merrick, Grace, Ollie and She that we all know came to be. But even make believe characters take a break.

We all need to redefine, and reemerge into something new. At times we are forced into it, whether it be the end of a work term, a health crisis or a pending divorce. But we are always given the gift to choose our reaction, and the ability (however difficult) to step back and consciously set our next path.

Choosing our Reaction - Grassi Lakes, Canmore

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