Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stressed in a very expensive dress

It takes a lot of effort to be someone else. Being someone you are not is hard on you, because not honouring yourself is the worst kind of untruth.

How we “dress up” is up each day is up to us. We do what we have to allow the world to identify us in a crowd. We shouldn't ever want to camouflage our uniqueness but we also don’t want to frighten someone away with our “inner beauty”. Beware of disguise.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the inked and tattooed, wearing laced up combat boots; he was a soft spoken young man who was taught well to be polite by his Mama. His spiky hair did get him attention, and if I had seen him in a less safe environment, I would have crossed the street and held my possessions closer.

Then there was the very obvious showing-off-all-the-assets woman, who was strikingly unaware of the impression she gave. She wore skin-tight black every day and in combination with the bleached blonde hair, she was definitely noticeable. However, she had the soul of an angel. I worked with this woman for  four years and not once did I see her behave in any way other than nice. However, I wonder how many people did not approach her because they were less tolerant. She missed out on an interaction and they missed out on discovering someone sweet and shy in disguise.

I think of these two people, and I wonder who convinced them that they weren't enough. That they had to hide their true kind and wonderful self.

Both these people learned to put on a protective armour to protect themselves. Knowing full well that they might be scaring someone else away. This is a battle with no winner.

Don’t do it! Please. I know it is tough when you have limited practise. But be brave to be yourself. The world needs YOU.

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