Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Are you You by any other Name?

I met a young man today, who had a rather unusual moniker. A name meant for a celebrity, or a successful entrepreneur or a king. He seemed bashful to be carrying the weight of his name, it was a lot to ask of someone who had not yet reached his full potential.

He told me how difficult it had been to spell it out when he was in grade one. He remembered his classmates, sounding out his name with concentration and quizzical expressions. He said that he had a hard time "deciding what he wanted to be when he grew up" because the name he had been given did not inspire mediocrity.

There are so many different ways that each of us struggle. It is harder for some to live up to expectation, and even more difficult if it starts and ends with your name.

This young man had been handed a handle that he couldn't handle and all he wanted to do was be anonymous.

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