Friday, April 26, 2013

The People who Matter

I want something from a friendship. I want a connection that comes from sharing. There will always be someone around to carry on idle banter but those special conversations are don't happen everyday. You get to throw away pretenses and indulge in honesty with the people you trust.

What I want is the meaty, juicy conversations. The conversations that leave you at the end with the “aahh! I am so lucky to have this person in my life” or the "ooh, I didn't know that about you!". When you walk away, you often take some huge self discovery or some itty-bitty piece of learning. That’s where VALUE comes from. So when you encounter this, when you “don’t want the evening to end”, TELL these people how much they bring to your life. It will enrich both of your lives to hear these words we seldom speak.

TELL them how you have thought about the words they have shared in the past, and reflected about the lessons that they have learned. TELL them that you are proud to have them in your circle.

There will  always be someone at the water-cooler to sprinkle about niceties of the weekend or to commiserate about the weather. Those people are needed too but the best people are those who hold you up to be the Best You. They make you think and are far more rare and need to be recognized. 

They are the ones who ask and share the hard questions.

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