Monday, June 17, 2013

A Stretch of Time and a book

During this time of year, many of us get to have a flexible work schedule. I was recently afforded that pleasure.

Starting your day without rush, grabbing that second cup of coffee, and just plain dawdling has to surely be good for the soul. I found things that I’d secreted away in drawers, and filed away piles of paper in a much more orderly fashion. I baked and then sat and read the book (that in spite of being informative and entertaining) I have been plowing through due to a lack of a stretch of time.

Then it was off to the local library, which still elicits the same thrill as it did when I was 6. I reached for the book that I’d put on hold, within its covers was the secret of attaching beads to wire and adding on some baubles. I could feel my creative juices start to flow just looking at it. In front of me was a little girl, the polka dots, stripes  and flowers on her outfit announced to the world that she had dressed herself that day. She clutched her chosen books and stood on tip-toe to place each one carefully on the counter for check out.

Accompanying her was her Dad, you could tell that he had the relaxed look of a dawdler. He waited patiently, as his little girl told him which book she wanted to read first, no maybe this one, no-no THIS one FIRST. Seeing Dad and Daughter was the highlight of my day off. I understand that they were headed home to read, and then I suspect that they both had a nap.  

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