Saturday, June 15, 2013

Parked cars and dogs

Someone approached me the other day about a work situation that they are experiencing. She talked about how in spite of her generally open, trusting attitude, she was feeling cornered by her colleagues.

When a genuine person starts to feel that things are amiss, that she is being kept out of the loop by those skilled in deception, it is not a pleasant working environment. I mentioned to her a Bahamian quote that I had just read that fit in perfectly. The Bahamians I have met in my lifetime are pretty cool people, not one of them takes life too seriously, they are the epitome of “don’t sweat the small stuff”.

Being ostracized for no apparent reason, can be confusing and throw the most honest person off track. We are reminded of our own ego, and how trying it can be to keep it in check. Our reaction to this affront will always dictate our future encounters with these people, so our reaction should be cautious and with some forethought . I don’t know if it helped, but my friend nodded in understanding (a wise woman she is!) when I spoke the words of the Bahamian quote.

“Dogs don’t chase parked cars.”

Be firm in what you stand for, because your strong hold on authenticity and integrity will always be threatening to those who are not. Their behaviour is motivated by the insecurity and fear that they are not whom they are projecting each day. And maybe they realize that you alone see through their fa├žade.

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