Friday, July 19, 2013

Moving On

One of the most amazing things about learning is that it never ends! At each stage of our lives, for just a brief moment we might feel that we “know it all” and then Voila! a new understanding happens.

As I start another new chapter in my life, what else will I learn? I know already, in this early stage of physical packing, that I am not quite as young as I was five years ago. I know that I have accumulated more stuff and let go of items that I once treasured.

I know that in this last phase of my life, I have tried many new things, and have a few medals to show for it. I know that html, analytics, Iyengar and Shavasana are now a part of my days. I can appreciate a good pair of Feature socks and download from Overdrive easily even if I’m sleepy. I also discovered that malbec and shiraz are my favourites!

I know that what I take from these years, is the peace and contentment of growing older, of seeing through the haze of others’ pretenses, of releasing my expectations and hence laughing more, and of giving credit daily to those whom I appreciate. I am more open in my feelings, and choose to stay away from the negative who can drown you in their sadness.

What have you learned in the last five years and how has your life been enriched? How has each experience and each day made you a different person than you were five years ago. Because you are different, if you have made one conscious decision, you are changed.

As I anticipate the adventure upon my doorstep, what else will I learn? And lastly, although I know that I will miss my mountain view, I will cherish seeing my Beloved each day.

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