Sunday, July 14, 2013

Getting out of our Rut in the Summertime

We tend to think that we need to do big things to bring about growth 
and yet growth comes from small steps as well as large ones. 
Get into the habit of making small changes, 
they are the foundation 
upon which big, long-lasting shifts can be built – give it a “small” try today! 

Katherine & Elizabeth, HirshWorks, LLC

Summer, ah, how we look forward to summer. A welcome respite from school schedules, hunkering down to work, and building things up over the colder, nesting months. However, we can also view summer as a time to unwind from our habits and release the ones which are no longer valuable to us. We can take the summer hiatus and put into effect the changes that we know we need to make.

See this HirshWorks article for small, important steps we can adopt while we relax in the hammock and sip our lemonade.

Important small steps we can adopt while relaxing in the hammock and sipping lemonade. (Click to Tweet)

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