Sunday, January 26, 2014

One word at a time

I have collected quotes for years.

Words from well-known people, words said on the side of a bus, words scribbled on a sidewalk. All these words resonate with me for their power to encourage, subdue and support. These phrases strike me because of their universal truth, the fact that we are all connected, all making our way the best way we can.

I have received comments telling me that the value of these words have reached them in some way in whatever they were going through. Our journey's are all different, I might be navigating through the issues of having a sick family member; you might be transgressing the corridors of an unhappy work situation.

However, we should all be there for each other, to learn and to grow and to lean on.

Send me the quotes that reached you when you needed them (and how and why!) and I'll share them here.

Keep coming back, the next quote could be for you.

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