Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Dream is not just a Dream

What is your Dream? We all have them, big ones and small ones. In days gone by, my dream was just to make it to the next day (without losing my mind!).

Now, I have bigger Dreams. I realize how all my little dreams have slowly materialized over time. When all I had the capacity to do was scribble notes about travelling and writing, when I cut out phrases and photos from magazines, and when I made a list of the qualities I desired in a partner, I felt that it would happen. Each of those acts, gave me momentum to reach out to the Universe and say "I'm getting ready".

Feel the feelings you will have when you are living your Dream. Let it wash over you and bask in the emotions that will accompany it. Then promise that you will teach someone else some day. 

Each action you take will bring you closer to your Dream. It is your Dream and don't ever forget that you are entitled to it. The Universe will respond. Because of the actions you are taking, you are telling the Universe that you are serious. You will magnetize the experiences and the people you need because you did something to make it happen.

Act now! Your Dream is closer than you think.

Dream it, Feel it, Make it Happen.

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