Saturday, March 8, 2014


Do you notice how when you know that you are heading away from your work-life, the everyday frustrations seem larger than usual? How the erratic driver in front of you makes you utter unusual words or make you raise your hand with some fingers raised? How your clients/students/coworkers and even strangers tire you endlessly? Why do we wish our life away to get what we could have everyday?

Why do we turn off our nice button because we know that we are getting away? We are in such a rush to leave our regular lives, that we are missing the days in-between.

The joy of escape is so large that we can't wait for something better.

Rewind. Start again.

How would we feel if we saw each day as a vacation? Each moment to experience with clear eyes the beauty in front of us. Pause to see the unexpected, capture the feelings in our heart to re-live again, slow down, talk, breathe, share. See the sunshine and the rain, the quiet and the speed, the kind and the rushed as something that must be experienced to have a full and rich life.

If we all worked together to adopt the feeling of relaxation, of being on forever-vacation, wouldn't we all be happier?

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