Monday, April 7, 2014

Safety Net for Honesty

One of the main reasons I write is to encourage my readers to be the best they can be. When we feel empowered we are able to stand up for what is the truth about ourselves, our family and our working organization, we are able to create a more honest world. Unfortunately, our environment is often filled with the personally insecure who can disrupt our best intentions.

The insecure come in all shapes and sizes. It can be the parent who uses his fist or in all levels of employment. They can be most masterful. Insecurity runs deep and those who have fooled their public for a long time, have a lot to lose. They are often bullies, but because of rank are deemed untouchable. It is hard to fight back if there is no food on the table.

The insecure will throw away integrity (and you) to make themselves look good. They will discard good morals because the façade they have invented is all they are. They are hesitant to accept responsibility for their actions because blaming someone else comes easier.

When the emotional culture of your day betrays you constantly it is a struggle to face each morning. We are adults and should know how to play nice.

For those of us on a different path it is difficult to understand this. What happened to honesty and kindness? We will not play the game and it is terribly annoying to these people. We will be hurt and ridiculed for our naïve ways, and that is alright. Because as we gain strength, we can spot them, stay away from them, and leave them to their insecure ways.

Most days I can see these people with more compassion, and wonder what made them this way, what event made them think that this was how they need to be in the world. Today is not one of them. Today I am unhappy that I could not reach them to see the safety of being honest. Today is a hard day and I know there will be more.

I will be better tomorrow but today I need a hug.

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