Thursday, April 3, 2014

Colouring outside the lines in White

Today I am referring to a writing exercise that we were given in a course I am currently taking. 

We writers need to stretch our creative muscle each day to feel more comfortable with its strength. We learn to bend it and wind it and make it do odd things. We often think outside of the box and are at times bashful to voice our thoughts except on paper.

I am about to pass on my writing experience to you in another form. 

Make yourself comfortable and glance around your space. Let your eyes stop on any object or image you choose. 

Now for five minutes, do nothing but tell yourself the story of this thing. Enjoy the minutes, recreate how it came into your life, the feeling you had when that photo was taken, smile at the pride in your son’s eyes as he handed you the blue bottle he bought you with his 25 cent allowance, relish the accomplishment of a degree framed in black. 

Be the moment.

Savour it, taste it, treasure it. It is yours to keep.

Read my Simply Utterly White – my description of  the colour White from my writing course here….

I am and I am not. I am the first thing you see when you are born. So much white.

I am unnoticed but if you take a twirl around you will see me everywhere. I am the hub of all things, I give you perspective and focus. I am the background, the frame and the mat of your life.

I am as subtle as the glow of the candle you need after a busy day and as flirty as a seductive gown. I was your mother’s first bra and the colour of this page.

I am not the understudy, but I am always ready for you. I counterbalance every dark thought you have and provide you with an infinity of possibilities.

My close cousin, beige and I sometimes cause a squabble. Some people prefer her and we both understand that she is more necessary for some people.

I can be blunt and stark, I like to make a statement. My relative black and I have been known to co-exist with ease. We are a unique family.

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