Friday, May 2, 2014

One nail at a time

Outside my window at work, a new house is being built in an already grown area. I have to admit it was quite exciting when the original bungalow was carted out in the dead of night (or at least after closing hour) to a new location. What would be developed there next? What would the new configuration end up looking like?

 There are days when the construction across the street is going full tilt. Earth is moved, hammering is ringing through my windows, voices seem far away and inaudible through my glass, but you can always tell, there is a mission for completion. At the end of each day, the caution fence is re-installed to protect and secure what’s going on that we cannot see.

 The house across the street has reached the second storey now. We can see the shape it will take, but still know that there is a lot of work to be done inside. Still remaining are the important things that will be hid behind the walls and the shiny things to make it our own.

We also build ourselves. And we all know that building can be painful.

Just like when we are re-creating ourselves, you have to get down to the basement, pull up the muck and start with a new foundation. We are destroyed sometimes and have to start again from the ground up. The old ME is gone.

 When we go through difficult circumstances in our lives, we know when to hide under the blankets and drink a soothing tea. Some days we just cannot face any more decisions. In those moments, we need to stay still, and look around and see… how far we’ve come, and to examine the character and principles of the new ME. Our structures need to be solid and unwavering, and this takes time.

The changes we make to ourselves affect those around us in unavoidable ways. It causes them to re-evaluate and take stock of their own worth and hence we all can grow together.

I am eager to see how this one house changes the neighbourhood. How will the block alter to reflect a new standard?

Yes indeed, we all like to measure up, and comparison is often a good thing. (Click to Tweet)

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