Tuesday, May 6, 2014

the Last Hurrah

It’s the kind of rainy day that you are happy that you are unemployed. You could sit and read all day and pat your cat (if you had one), because he too knew it was a miserable day. You’re glad that you didn’t have a dog. Because that would mean that you had to go out, and then goodness knows how long it would take to dry off the long-haired pooch when you come back indoors. And we all know what wet dog smells like.

It’s the kind of damp day, that you want to bake muffins. You’ll have to stand on a chair to reach the recipe book stashed in the cupboard on top of the fridge. That really wasn’t a good decision. Maybe later in the day after you sample one of those chocolate chip muffins (recipe from a colleague named Ann from 30 years ago), maybe then you’ll rethink a better place for the recipe books.

You will just make a full pot of Kicking Horse coffee, no decision, because it is becoming more and more obvious as you hear the car tires splashing outside your window, that you are definitely going to drink the whole pot. Something you usually save for a weekend, and not usually do on a Friday.

Perhaps then you will tackle that pile of flyers and un-opened envelopes that have accumulated.

A nap would be nice too, or endless hours on Houzz, Dabble, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

These are the things I think of as I sit at my desk on this rainy day in a highrise downtown.

Maybe I will resign today.

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