Monday, August 4, 2014

Different Angle Different View

Calgary Public Library Art Tour, view 1

I'm playing tourist in my hometown these last few weeks and enjoying the change in routine. Vacation from the schedule, time to reflect and re-energize. Being a tourist in my own life, meandering in my mind, not racing as is customary for me.

Funny how immersed we get in our day to day lives that we no longer see what's around us. Interesting that we no longer investigate what we believe is true. Disappointing that we can so easily ignore our discomfort. Sad that we deprive ourselves of some simple pleasure because we don't think we have the time.

If you have also been given the gift of "time off", take a stroll through your day. It is a wonderful time to learn some new things. Put the sunglasses on or take them off the rose coloured glasses. See your world for what it is, embrace and discard, shred and put on the top shelf for safe keeping, clean out the gutters of your mind.

Make one change. You will be thankful, soon.

Find Yourself, Find your Bliss.

Calgary Public Library Art Tour, view 2

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