Sunday, August 10, 2014

Leaving our Mark

Why do we live? What do we live for? What do we want to leave behind?

We all want to leave some little piece of ourselves behind, when we are gone. Our testament to our contribution to those around us. I am forever awed by what I continuously witness - those who smile in spite of what they are enduring, those who forgive, those who work each day to make the world a place of peace.

What value do you put on that piece of You that can light up the world?

Are you the example of  determination or the person who throws up their hands with each frustration?

Can you overlook (although it might hurt) the unkind remarks said about you?
Can you rise to a challenge to do your best or do you look for others to take the lead?
Do you stand up for what you believe in, even though it is not popularly held?
Do you see what you can offer back instead of what can be taken?

What example do you set for your child, your friends, your colleagues, and every stranger you meet?

Are you true to your talents, do you honour your mind and body? Choose wisely.
Because this is how we govern what mark we leave behind when we're gone. Even if your name isn't Sam.


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