Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Hang onto your Cape

There was a day when we believed that all things were possible. When we had such faith and such dreams that being a ballerina or an astronaut were totally possible. Then somewhere along the way, someone or just plain life said 'are you crazy?" and we stopped believing.

Eric Bibb's words are worth a listen. They will remind you of the flying that you believed in, the happiness you expected, the life you dreamed of.

It's time to put on your Cape.

Take one small step towards the life that you deserve, pick up your paintbrush, your cello, your badminton racket, your journal.

Pull out your Cape, tell someone who supports your dream, finish high school, read the brochure for the new job you want, sign up for a voice lessons.

Reach for that goal and pretty soon you'll be flying.

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