Thursday, September 11, 2014

This thing that is not a Coincidence

The Universe has sent me "nudges" in many unexplained ways. I've written before about connections from across the years and the country that suddenly cropped up with someone I'd know for years.

When I needed it most, the Universe let me know that I was not alone in the middle of a crowded Women's Show. When I was feeling that the man for me would not show up after years of being alone, it sent me a philosophical license plate.

Have unexpected, unexplainable things happened to you that made you shake your head with disbelief? Did the Universe send you a message so clear, so personal, that you had to know that a Power far greater than you was holding your best intentions.

You may call this manifestation God, or the Universe, Karma, the answer to your prayers or just fluke. But you know that it was a message just for you.

Here are my two personal favourites.

            Some years ago, my only daughter was diagnosed with a specific kind of cancer. The 
            only person I had known who had had the same diagnosis was someone who I had 
            worked with fifteen years previously. 

            I had confided in two close friends of my child's illness and two days later the three 
            of us were spending time at a rather well attended Women's event. You know the kind,                thousands of women, hundreds of booths, cacophany of noises involving selling, 
            singing and laughter. 

           Across the stage, I see my old colleague the cancer survivor, dressed in a yellow t-shirt
           (just so I couldn't miss the "message"!). We waved, we talked, she said that she had 
           driven 300 kilometres to attend this show for the day. I was rather speechless, as were 
           my friends, what are the chances of meeting the one person who had survived the same 
           illness that my daughter was going through, a few short days after her diagnosis?

Tell me.

           I was fifty-five years old and had been on my own for several years. I had been set up 
          on a  blind-date, did some online dating, even went to a few 7-minute dating events. I 
          was getting weary of the crazy men I had met. 

         After one especially bad coffee date, I headed to the mall for some consolation. Now as 
         I've said before, I have some directional challenges. For this reason, I consistently park 
         my car in the same spot regardless of which side of the mall I plan to visit. I always find 
         my car this way! 

         On this particular day, I didn't do this. I drove up one aisle and then another, I was ready
         to pull in to a spot and changed my mind. What is wrong with me, I thought. This last 
        drooling fool that I met has made me lose my mind! I finally pulled into a spot and caught 
        my breath. There is someone out there for me, I know it, I kept saying to myself.

        I had parked facing a man who was loading his trunk with his purchases. As he stepped 
        away, I saw his license plate. It said TIMING. I wiped my tears and smiled, yes, be patient 
        is what the Universe told me that day.

Have you had similar experiences? What happened that helped give you Hope? Tell me about it.

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