Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Success as an Escalator

I was speaking with a young man today who wanted to tell me his story. He said that if I had 15 minutes, he would bring me to tears. I had had a previous interaction with this fellow and was bewildered and dismayed at his youthful arrogance. He is still unaware that we all have our mountains to climb.

It isn’t that I’m cold hearted or can’t bear to hear another person’s woes. The nature of my life work (as I see it) is to empower not to coddle. There will always be someone in your life who will support you to be mediocre for reasons of their own. 

Along my life path the people who have helped me improve my life are not those who appear to be challenge free. They are the ones who have survived and grown through their own barriers and challenges. They have chosen to share their difficult lessons and wisdom to benefit others. 

Only the truly strong will encourage you, offer you alternatives, and applaud each of your successes. Reaching your goal will not shadow theirs, they will not feel threatened. They will cheer you on, because together you are both better. Always keep these people in your life.

I spoke to this young man about not defining himself due to circumstance, about character through struggle, and about using each success as an escalator not merely a landing. Each of our goals must be acknowledged and celebrated, just as each of our battles must be recognized as they give us something to learn. From these challenges, we move on to another level of accomplishment, another phase of our personal development, another opportunity to teach someone else.

Don’t use your divorce 10 years ago, your childhood poverty, or your youthful sufferings to define you. Allow them to make You a better You. 

There is no better “revenge” than to live a more fulfilling, abundant life than what was handed to you.

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