Sunday, October 19, 2014

People make Things Better

One of my photography teachers told us to always try to add people to our photos. Why you ask? Because people make things better. When you add people to a scene, you get a story. They bring their character to what you see. Their story becomes your story.

People are exciting, they are fun, they are unpredictable. They sit and jump up, they turn and they sleep, they giggle, they smile defiantly. The story you make up might be the farthest from the truth, but in that brief moment it is your work of fiction.

Look around when you are alone, look up from your book, your newspaper, your phone. Notice what's going on close to you. Make up a story. Make it inspiring, make it naughty, stir it up with some delicious characters.

You will enjoy it more.

Two strangers, sitting on a sofa made up my story while I sipped my coffee.

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