Friday, October 17, 2014

Little Steps make a Leap

I read once that we over-estimate what we can do in one day, but under-estimate what we can do in one year. Make a list right now, and see how true this is!

I am a self-confessed list maker. It has always given me great satisfaction to put a big check mark across each item on my list. I carry forward items not checked off and start my next day with a plan/goal. Sometimes my list is full of just little things, and then voila, the little things meld and tangle into a huge step forward.

Go through your calendar and see where all you’ve been so far this year.
Did you send a child off to kindergarten or college? Think of all the steps/energy/laughter/tears that took.
Did you learn to knit? How much research and hunting down of yarn and needles did that take?
Did you triumph in Excel, Outlook, HTML or PhotoShop? Pat yourself on the back for expanding your skill set.
Did you hold someone’s hand as they went through a tough time? Congratulations, on being a caregiver, it is not an easy gift to give.
Did you stand on your head for the first time in yoga? Walk/run your first marathon? Go on a dating site? Move to a new location? Recover from something/someone?

Wow! Aren’t you fantastic!

Don’t underestimate how much you can accomplish in one year.

Get your notebook ready, make your list, and start checking off. It’s not too late, there are still 2 plus months left. And always a new notebook for next year.

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