Sunday, October 12, 2014

Running the Race

For anyone who has walked/run a race, you can understand the gush of adrenalin that lights your feet. This is what is planted in my mind of the recent Portland Half-Marathon last weekend, the celebration of freedom. 

What I don’t recall much of, is the scenery. I do remember the people on the sidelines, cheering for those they know and for strangers alike. I do remember the kindness, care and encouragement shown to “those on the right” as they were passed by the speedier amongst us. I remember how I felt when I witnessed a t-shirt that supported the life of someone lost or battling an illness. I remember the woman older than I whose t-shirt said “Don’t Quit” as she passed me.

What I don’t remember are the long stretches between “fuel”, the sun beating down on me when I squinted through my sunglasses, the tightness at the back of my knee at 17 kilometres. I don’t remember those things because I was part of a larger group. A group which had done what we could to prepare and put faith in our training. 

And so it should be in our everyday life; don't focus on the trying times, look for support and a smile when you need it, encourage others, prepare for your goal, and keep going.

Celebrate wherever you are in your race, whatever it might be. If you don’t quit, you are always a Winner.

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