Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Throw away the Map, I'm blaming it on my Hippocampus

Do you get lost? Are you like me? No sense of direction, whatsoever. Turning right when I should be turning left. Stepping out of an elevator and invariably turning the wrong way much to the amusement of my every companion. Feeling a tad worried, finding my way to a new location.

Why do some people have an internal GPS that rarely fails? Why can they find their way to a destination, through back roads, detours, and one-way streets? 

Finally an answer to the question that has plagued me all my life. They have a more developed hippocampus!  See this great article that has dissolved some of my worry, I am not to blame.

And if you too have this "affliction" how do you manage? What skills have you developed to find your way? Now stop and think, are they also the set of skills that you use everyday in every way? Do you plan ahead, cement your landmarks, celebrate each correct turn? Are you more aware of your surroundings than most, because you need to be? Do you notice when the building on the corner has been painted, or a new billboard has been erected?

Fantastic! You are paying attention, whatever the reason, you are in the moment. You might need to pause and take a deep breath to get your bearings (don't we all?) but you are looking at the big picture before you step off the curb, and that is always a good thing.

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