Monday, November 24, 2014

Changing not Exchanging

Dear Friends,

What gift will we exchange this year?

Give me the gift of your time, that's all I want. We don't need to talk about the crazy people you work with and what you'd really like to say to them or the latest buzz in the entertainment world. Let's talk about our friendship.

Let's talk about what we'd like to bring into our lives in the coming months. We have all lost something this year, let's not make this a brag fest.

Let's not meet where it's noisy and we have to shout above the forced office parties, where other people are glancing at their watches planning a quick get-a-way. (And none of us can remember when our hearing was better.)

Please don't feel like we need to squeeze in a dinner during these busy weeks ahead, we could wait until later to have a real conversation when we are all more relaxed, less stressed and not too confused.

Let's do something different and just bring ourselves when we meet. Let's face each other and share our experiences of the months gone by.Tell me about You.

Give me the gift of your time, that's all I want. Let's remind eachother why we're Friends.

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