Monday, December 1, 2014

Design Your Life

One morning (it could be a Monday), you look at yourself in the mirror and know that Today Is The Day.

Are you so time invested, that you don’t know how to get out? Have you committed a number of years to someone or to career, that is leaving you exhausted and unhappy? Are you passion-less, dragging yourself into the next day or just plain know that there is something better for you out there?

Friends are great to have in your back  pocket, and they will always be helpful in giving advice. However, sometimes you need someone who is trained in presenting you with options, in asking you the right questions and is able to help you get un-stuck.

Know you want a change but don’t know how? Find someone who is practised in laying out either the baby or quad-stretching steps that you need to move ahead. 

When the time is right and you are ready, do it! Ask around, your person could be a certified coach, a trusted friend, a successful colleague. Look for the person who is typically enthusiastic and happy and who continues to prove themselves with evidence. Look for the person who will cheer you on your efforts and be there to offer sound advice.

Now, look back in that mirror. Is Today That Day?

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