Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Angel in the Making

It is Winter here. Patience on the roads has declined along with tempers that flare. We should be accustomed, but we rarely are when the first blast of cold and icy roads arrive.

We are inching along to work with our car headlights on, car exhaust mist rising to the sky and that is when I thought of an Angel.

Traffic is at a standstill in both directions, a twelve foot median lies between. So when our cars had all stopped for the red light, I opened my door and headed to the snow covered space on my left.  I lay down on the fresh snow and made a snow angel, the first one since I was in my teens. Oh, it felt delicious, lying in surrender in the sparkling crystals and the comfort of the snow carpet.

People in their cars might think that I had lost my mind, I didn’t care. A middle aged woman in her fur trimmed down coat laying in the middle of the boulevard making a snow angel. How often have you seen THAT on the way to work at 7:25am?

As I walked back to my car before the traffic light turned green, I heard the happy honking from a nearby car. The driver smiled and waved and gave me the thumbs up. Maybe tomorrow, she’d make her own Angel.

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