Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Light in the Night

Some years ago during the trials of an ending marriage, Christmas was a tedious event which offered little joy. I remember one specific Christmas well. My aging parents leaving right after dinner by 7pm, my young adult children heading out to the skating rink or a movie to be with friends, there wasn’t even a dog in site who needed a cuddle. I was sad and I was lonely.

Now picture the scene: Christmas night, early evening, dishwasher on, nothing to do. I decided to put on my running shoes and step outside for a walk to clear my head. The air was crisp and free, stars twinkled, someone’s fireplace provided a comforting scent. As I walked, the snow started to fall, twirling around the light posts in the dark night. What came as a surprise to me as I walked in my neighbourhood was how many families celebrated (or didn’t) celebrate Christmas, everyone was different. There was no such thing as a perfect Christmas like you see in the movies.

There were houses lit sublimely with a couple wandering around in their pajamas, boisterous parties with cars parked up and down the road, there were families around the dining table, and some folks with a TV tray in front of the television.

What I realized that evening was that the Christmas I was experiencing was just temporary, as were all the others before and the ones to come. It was not perfect but it was mine to do with as I saw fit. All I had that day was myself and hope and faith.

If you are surrounded by family and friends, be well, be gentle, be loving. This Christmas will be like no other.
If you are alone or lonely, be well, be gentle, be loving. This Christmas will be like no other.

May you find peace in your heart.

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