Thursday, January 22, 2015

the Pro You

Girl in the Mirror

I had to reread this quote a few times, to appreciate the thought behind these words. 

We all have something that causes us “pain”, that uncomfortable feeling that makes us squirm inside our adult bodies. The things that you try to avoid because of who You are in this world, it is these things that make us truly unique. Once we know our rules, only then can we come up with a plan to bend them.

My fear as a teenager applying for my first job was in operating the cash register. My biggest fear was in breaking or doing something wrong with the machine in front of a customer. Fear of not being able to fix the problem/reprimand from a boss/feeling stupid in front of a customer was what scared me most.

I started my training and the most important thing I wanted to learn was how to do a VOID. Having the comfort of knowing how to get out of a jam, gave me the confidence to tackle that cash register each day. I knew something!

I have a friend who wanted to get in the habit of exercising on a regular basis. Her difficulty was her lack of motivation early in the morning, which was her only available time. However she had a friend who was an early riser and STOIC in her commitment to her fitness regime. They agreed that the friend would pick her up three times a week on specific days. Well, Sally committed like a pro. She knew that she would never let her friend sit outside her house at 5:30am while she lay in bed. Sally could never let a friend down or do something to annoy a friend.

Give it some thought as to what YOU need to do to be the best You. And with practise, you will be making your choices knowing how to avoid the pain that you dread most.

You will know yourself better and you will be able to move past the rules because you are the artist of your life, just like Picasso said.

For more artworks from Pablo Picasso, see on the beautiful and informative Artsy site.

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